Keywords = Contemporary Arabic poetry
Analyzing the aspects of artistic Narcissism in Baroudi's poems

Volume 9, Issue 16, September 2019, Pages 121-139


Seyyed Fazlollah Mirghaderi; Davood Nejati; Effat Mardani

Analysis of Badr Shaker Sayab’s ode ‘Sefr-e-Ayyoob’ According to Frankel`s School of Logotherapy

Volume 7, Issue 12, December 2017, Pages 127-147


Qasem Mokhtari; Motahhareh Faraji; Mostafa Adineh

Motif of River in the poets of Badr Shakir AlSiyab

Volume 5, Issue 9, February 2016, Pages 75-100

S. Al. Abdi; N. Abbasi