A criticism over the novel of “al Las va al kelab” written by “Najib Mahfouz” from the descriptive point of view

Document Type : Research Paper



One of the literary areas which has a special place in the fields of literary criticism is the storied literature that among its branches novel is in the writers’ and critics’ focus of attention. Novel is one of the new literary works which strengthened its place in the Arabic literature in the earlier 20th century. This kind of literary work which has a high power in stating the problems of the contemporary human who tackles with the difficulties of his own special world has a very high rank.
 In the Arabic literature “Najib Mahfouz” is one the contemporary storywriters who has written precious pieces in the fields of novel in addition to short stories.
Since researchers study the elements of the story in most of the current critical researches which are done on the written works especially on novel, story and drama; in this article it is tried to criticize and examine the technique of “description” as the most important technique which has a special role in determining these elements and consequently in the writes’ ability in the novel of “al Las va alkelab” written by “Najib Mahfouz”.
To this end, firstly a little has been mentioned regarding the Najib Mahfouz’s life and some of his literary works and after describing the technique of description and mentioning the types and implements of this technique, a criticism and analysis of this novel based on the mentioned criteria is provided in order to criticize the ability of Najib Mahfouz in the technique of description.