Quran Intertextuality in Ahmad Shoughi,s poems

Document Type : Research Paper



One of the most important topics of the literature crisis of the contemporary Arabic poems is the Intertextuality phenomena. This phenomenon is the think of the meaning or term transfer or both of these from one text to another or from one literary work to another. Relationship between a text with another texts is one of important subjects wich are important to researchers:Roland bart, Gerard Genette, Julia  Keristeva. This theory is a bout connection between texts that lead to creat a new text. based on this theory every text means based on texts that are read before  and these text are beased on codes that we know before. Great  substance of Quran is known to Arabic poets and Ahmad Shoughi is one of these poets that his poems have a deep relationship with religion that we cant know their meaning without understand ding genotext and knowing the relationship between them.
This research has been conducted in an analytical – descriptive method bas