Study of deviation in part of Nazar Ghabani s poems

Document Type : Research Paper



is manipulated by the methods and arrangements used by poet to produce an unfamiliar language with a new system and this is the same thing which is referred to as defamiliarization. It means that the poet sets aside familiar meanings of words and gives them new meanings. It changes the normal application of language and foregrounds its characteristics. According to the structuralists, deviation is one of the most effective ways of foregrounding the language and defamiliarization in poem used by most poets. In the contemporary Arabic literature, most poets used this method following rapid changes after the Second World War and the effects of language and culture of European countries. Nazar Ghabani is one of the poets who used deviation towards foregrounding their poems. He took effective steps towards different types of deviation under the influence of west culture and literature and by a new view to the heritage of Arab poem. The necessity of understanding these deviations resulted in the investigation of the book'' alrasm belkalemat '' by Nazar Ghabani to specify which type of deviation he had used more as well as the frequency of each of them. On this basis, systematization deviation, phonetic and vocabular deviations are the most frequent techniques of Ghabani's poem. disparate of lines is the most highly usedsystematization evolution and saturation is the most current phonetic evolution in Ghabani's poem. Use of new expressions has a higher application than other cases of vocabular deviation.